Head Wraps & Cultural Appropriation?!


Who can wear headwraps?


This is a question we have received many times. As a black-owned business, we intentionally celebrate black woman and black culture but that does not mean our headwraps/prints are for a black woman alone.


We believe that headwraps are for everyone! Each print tells a story of celebration and culture. For many years around the world, men and woman of various cultures have worn headwraps and it has taken on various names; turbans, head scarves, or head coverings. Headwraps are one of the most practical, versatile, and functional accessories of all time.


Scenarios in which head wrap/head covering are used:

  • dealing with hair loss due to health challenges such as alopecia, cancer, and chemotherapy.

  • protecting hair from harsh weather and climates

  • disguising a bad hair day

  • fashion statement


Rooted Wraps was founded by a Sierra Leonean and Southern Sudanese woman and we wear head wraps because they’re beautiful, bold and a form of self-expression. 


The easiest way to ensure you’re not appropriating a culture is to have conversations, friendships, and interactions with people of the culture you’re curious about online and/or in real life. Through these exchanges, you’ll learn the history and significance behind the head wrap or hair covering which makes it very difficult to appropriate it.


We are inclusive and encourage all women, men, and nonconforming to use and explore our products.  If you have reservations, we suggest a solid head wrap or try our fleece lined infinity scarfs.


Peace, love, and welcome to Rooted Wraps!