Our Story

Rooted Wraps was founded by a proud Sierra Leonean and Southern Sudanese woman named Ludia. She started this company as a way to share her love for her African culture and her love for bold and vibrant prints.  


Growing up she would watch in admiration as her mother, grandmother, and aunts would transform into elegant queens whenever they wore their headwraps to any African function or just around their home. They would light up the room and command attention without uttering a word. 


 Each time she wears her headwraps it reminds her to stand tall. She is evoked with strength and pride. She is reminded of her beauty, resilience, and tenacity.


At Rooted Wraps we want our customers to dare to be bold, celebrate African print, and feel like royalty. This mission influences the types of prints and color combinations we provide.


Each print tells a story of celebration and identity.

  • Blue: love, harmony, togetherness, and peace.

  • Maroon: healing

  • Gold: wealth, high status, royalty.

  • White: spiritual purity.

  • Yellow: beauty and preciousness.

  • Green: growth –both spiritual growth and also relating to the land

  • Silver: peace, purity, and joy.

At Rooted Wraps, we are inclusive and encourage all women, men, and nonconforming to use and explore our products.

Rooted Wraps sources its fabrics solely from Sierra Leone as a way to support local Sierra Leonean business owners and improve the Sierra Leonean economy.